Author:   Jeremy Lodge

Published:   2022
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   245
Condition:   New

Genre:   Midland Railway (MR)

Status:   In Stock


A Rural Railway: Midland Railway Lincoln to Newark Line by Jeremy Lodge. This tells the story of the rural stretch of the Midland Railway Lincoln to Nottingham line that runs through the countryside east of the Trent with stations at Winthorpe, Collingham, Swinderby and Thorpe.

Opened to great fanfare in 1846, this largely forgotten aside in the history of the Midland and subsequent railway companies, has often been overlooked. Although it was earmarked for closure by Beeching in the 1960s, this line has survived for over 175 years.

Its story is illustrated with 160 contemporary and modern images, personal stories and descriptions of how the system works.


The Railways are Coming
Importance and Impact of the Railways
An East Midlands Story
Linking Lincoln and Nottingham
Stories and Events on the Line
Signal Boxes and Signalmen
Stations, Crossings and Signal Boxes
The Modern Line
A Final Reflection