Author:   John Scott Morgan
Published:   2018, 4th Edition
Format:   Paperback

Status:   Currently Unavailable



Bishop’s Castle – Portrait of a Country Railway by John Scott Morgan. The story of the Bishop’s Castle Railway is an extraordinary one by any measure, a triumph over expectation; a Will Hay script that ran for decades only to expire, funnily enough, as his gentle comedies began to popularise precisely the sort of undertaking represented by the Bishop’s Castle Railway. The Bishop’s Castle Railway was in many ways a real ‘Buggleskelly’ as depicted in the classic 1937 film Oh Mr. Porter!

That even Colonel Stephens turned it down is perhaps the keenest measure of its limping decrepitude. A concern so beset by financial and legal difficulties, and overall impecuniousity as to beggar belief. A railway with the Receiver as ‘proprietor’ through more or less the whole of its existence, a railway that eluded both the Grouping and the bemused attempts of the Board of Trade to make it conform to recognised rules and regulations.

Demolition was complete by May 1937, when the last remnants of the junction were finally taken away and the wonder of an exquisite, and probably unique, country railway was gone forever.

Please visit the Bishop’s Castle Railway Society’s Facebook page to learn more about their efforts to keep the memory of the railway alive.