Author:   William Jack & Dr. J. Hollick

Published:   2018
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   67
Genre:   North Staffordshire Railway (NSR)

Status:   Currently Unavailable


This book combines two titles together:

A History of the Chatterley Whitfield Railway by William Jack.

Purely industrial lines are those most likely to fail to survive. Many have closed unnoticed. Nevertheless, the private industrial lines have their own devotees, and of course they have their own peculiar little ways. This book serves as a tribute to those who worked on the Chatterley Whitfield Railway during its years of service to both colliery and country.


History 1854-1946
The Railway
The Locomotives
Rolling Stock
Passenger Services

The Workings of the Locomotives and Trains of Private Firms over the North Staffordshire Railway by Dr. J. Hollick.

There are many instances where the trains of industrial firms have worked over the lines of a railway company. The workings of such trains over the NSR were relatively many for so small a line, and this book is an attempt to describe and record them.


Official and Unofficial Working
Local Shunting – Bradwell Sidings, Harecastle, Birchenwood
Train Workings – Heath’s, Chatterley Whitfield, Midland Coal Coke and Iron Company, Silverdale Iron Company, Talk o’ the’ Hill, Chesterton Mining Company, Florence Company, Cheddleton Asylum, Leek District