Author:   David Allanach
Published:   2019
Format:   Paperback, 61 pages

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Dawlish and the Railway 1901 to Today by David Allanach. This book traces the fortunes of the railway and the town from Edwardian elegance through two world wars and the radical changes of the 1960s and 70s.

Thereafter the loss of local services in the town contrasted with Dawlish as a growing and desirable place to live. Meanwhile the railway having reached its nadir started its fightback and today passenger numbers continue to grow.

During much of the twentieth century the railway had to face the challenge of motor transport. It proved a terminal decline for goods traffic but not for passengers where the railway still plays a vital role.

Read the story of how the railway and the town have interacted with each other, sometimes with a common purpose, sometimes not.


The Edwardian Era
World War One and its Aftermath
1920s and 30s
Sea and Cliff Problems
World War Two
High Noon, the 50s
Decline: Beeching
Brunel’s Legacy