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Published:   2024
Format:   Wall
Genre:   Railway Calendars 2025

Status:   Pre-order, expected August 2024


England by Rail Calendar 2025. High-style vintage travel posters encouraged visits to England’s historic landmarks, rolling hills, and tranquil waterways while enjoying the comforts and speed of rail excursions. Artists helped transform the image of travel throughout the United Kingdom, tempting would-be vacationers out of the cities to spend leisure time in such idyllic destinations as Newquay on the Cornish coast and the all-season pleasures of Scarborough.

The posters reproduced here are a robust sampling of railway advertising output spanning the 1920s to the 1950s, when both accomplished landscape painters and little-known designers were hired to create these enticing scenes.

Grab your ticket to a yearlong holiday visiting England’s top destinations with this calendar of 12 vintage travel posters.