Author:   Bob Jones

Published:   2022
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   111
Condition:   New

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From the Blitz to Beeching: Memories of a Wiltshire Railway Signalman by Bob Jones.

Published by his daughter Rachel, this autobiography covers the late Bob Jones’ life, particularly his time spent working on the railways. During his career Bob worked on shunters as well as being a signalman at a number of sites within Wiltshire.

The book is filled with wonderful and fascinating anecdotes, from the Chippenham railway horses going through the refreshment room for sugar lumps on their way to the stables, to the GWR during the Second World War, especially at Thingley Junction through to Corsham with military traffic.

The book is illustrated and also features technical details, such as how signalmen were trained and their duties.


My Early Life
Lad Porter 1942-44
Shunting, Thingley Junction and Beanacre 1944-46
Corsham Signal Box 1946-48
Box Tunnel
Chippenham West Signal Box 1948-51
Chippenham East Signal Box 1951-55
Thingley Junction Signal Box 1955-57
Relief Signalman 1957-59
Thingley Junction Signal Box 1959-64
Chippenham East Signal Box 1964-66
The Final Months 1966-67