Author:   Bob Bond

Published:   2023
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   200
Condition:   New

Genre:   Narrow Gauge, Light & Industrial

Status:   In Stock


Gauges Galore: The many and various railways of the Hampton and Kempton Waterworks by Bob Bond.

So many different gauges of railway have existed on the Hampton and Kempton Waterworks sites over the years, from 2ft and 3ft, to 3.5ft and 4ft 8 and a half, and more. They are all described, together with a record of their histories and purpose.

The book also describes the adjacent Metropolitan Thames Valley Railway and the unique Kempton Park Racecourse station. The book is illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings.


Metropolitan and Thames Valley Railway: Shepperton Branch
Kempton Park
Freight on the Potato Field Railway
Standard Gauge MWB Sidings at Kempton
Additional Railways
Planning the Hampton Light Coal Railway
Light Coal Railway’s Construction
Light Coal Railway Operation and Decline
Economic Assessment of Light Coal Railway