A Life on the Lines

In this second edition, Richard Hardy illustrates     More Details


Cumbrian Railways at War

In a special edition John Hammond explores the local     More Details


Dickens on Railways

Edited by Tony Williams, this book features the writing of Charles Dickens     More Details


Final Journey: The Untold Story of Funeral Trains

Nicolas Wheatley explores the history of funeral trains     More Details


Graveyards of Steam

David Dunn explores the private and public scrapyards     More Details


Landscape with Machines: L.T.C. Rolt Autobiography Part One

In part one L.T.C. talks about his childhood and early working life     More Details


Landscape with Canals: L.T.C. Rolt Autobiography Part Two

L.T.C. Rolt begins his writing career whilst traveling the neglected canals     More Details


Landscape with Figures: L.T.C. Rolt Autobiography Part Three

In the final part L.T.C. Rolt looks at his time at the Talyllyn Railway     More Details


On the Trail of the Titfield Thunderbolt

Signed by Simon Castens, this updated     More Details


Right Away: A Train Driver Recalls His Railway Career

Steve Davies spent 48 years working on the railways     More Details