Steam in the Kitchen

Ginny Barnfield and her railway themed recipes     More Details


Steam Trains Today

Andrew Martin journeys along Britain’s heritage railways     More Details


Tales of the West Somerset Railway

Illustrated in colour, the authors recount forty years     More Details


The Buffet Car

Peter Liddell delves into the history of the Ashbury coach     More Details


The Footplate to the Boardroom Part One

Richard Maclennan recounts forty years working     More Details


The Leamington and Warwick Tramway

The tramway, which closed in 1930, is fully detailed in this book     More Details


The Old Mineral Line

Using historic photographs RJ Sellick shows     More Details


The Unknown Warrior and the Cavell Van

Brian Janes features the stories of three World War One heroes     More Details


The Ups & Downs of Clifton Rocks Railway

With 400 images Maggie Shapland explores the full history     More Details


Titfield Thunderbolt Greetings Card

From a painting by Mervyn Seal, who was an extra during filming     More Details