Author:   Paul Banbury

Published:   2018
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   40
Genre:   Leicester & Swannington Railway (L&SR)

Status:   In Stock


Glenfield Tunnel and Glenfield Station by Paul Banbury. When opened in 1832 the Glenfiled Tunnel was the longest railway tunnel in the world, just over one mile. The final cost was approximately £17,000, well over a million pounds in today’s terms. The tunnel has survived for over 180 years.

This book provides a history of the Glenfield Tunnel and its neighbouring station. Includes more than sixty photographs, illustrations and maps.


A Brief History of the Line
The Problem of Gradients
The Need for a Tunnel
A Problematic Construction
The Line Opens
Working Life
Leicester City Council’s Investment Return
Reinforcment Work
The Tunnel Then and Now
A Size Problem
The Future
Glenfield Station
Closure of the Line