Author:   Tom Ingall

Published:   2020
Edition:   Softback, 60 pages
Genre:   Great Central Railway

Status:   Sold Out


Great Central Reunification Volume One: The Start of Something Big by Tom Ingall, who has kindly granted Branchstow Books permission to sell this fascinating book.

The Great Central Railway’s Reunification project is one of the biggest schemes ever attempted in railway preservation. Bringing together two halves of the former main line to London has been called impossible and yet its happening!

This book tells the story of the GCR so far, how the ‘gap’ came to be and the first two stages of work to close it. Told by the people making it happen over decades, this book has not only been warmly reviewed but is also raising funds to build the next stages.

The book is full colour and features dozens of pictures, some of which have never been seen before.

It is written by Tom Ingall with contributions from Nigel Harris, editor of Rail Magazine, plus Tony Sparks, George Green, Alan Kemp, Lili Tabiner and Andrew Morley with a special foreword by Sir Peter Hendy, the chairman of Network Rail.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Great Central Main Line, proceeds from the sale support the Reunification project.