Author:   John Lewis

Published:   2024
Edition:   Hardback
Pages:   288
Genre:   Great Western Railway (GWR)

Status:   Available


Great Western Siphons: A History of their Design, Development and Operation by John Lewis.

The handling and transport of milk in churns on the GWR began in the second half of the nineteenth Century. Early wagons were not purpose built but gradually a series of specially designed vehicles evolved and given the code name of “Siphon”.

This book forms a definitive study of the Siphons and all of the other vehicles that the GWR built, modified and used for the carriage of milk traffic.

Extensively illustrated with numerous photographs and official works drawings, this book describes developments in chronological order, detailing their evolution and many of the alterations made to vehicles in service. The operation of milk traffic is also covered, with information on the various routes, workings and destinations. Features full listings of Lot numbers and vehicle histories.

The book, which is printed on high quality art paper, draws upon the extensive collection of photographs and information from the late David Hyde and HMRS, who sourced original drawings from the National Railway Museum.