Author:  David Smith
Published:  2019
Format:  Hardback, 395 pages

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GWR Signalling Practice by David Smith. This fresh account of latter-day GWR mechanical signalling practice commences with an historical overview tracing its development from primitive beginnings, follows with a description of operating methods then considers in detail the earlier and later patterns of signal and their variety of functions. Outside appliances and apparatus receive attention, as do signal boxes and their equipment.

Treatment of the location of signals is expanded with examples of signal layouts on double and single lines, and a case study of one particular location. A range of appendices and an index complete the book, which is extensively illustrated with photographs, drawings, and diagrams.

The author is a retired chartered civil engineer who has had a lifelong interest in GWR signalling. He spent the early years of his career with BR(WR), affording him ample on-site opportunities to observe the signalling scene at close hand.