Author:   Gordon Gravett
Published:   2013
Format:   Paperback, 112 pages

Status:   In Stock



Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing by Gordon Gravett. Gordon Gravett’s latest book demonstrates how a scene can be brought to life by the use of scatters and fibres, grits and powders and a little thought to the colouring.

Subjects covered include preparing the ground, grass, weeds and wild flowers, hedge, roads and pavements, wet areas, puddles and rivers. Colour photography throughout and illustrated with examples of Gordon’s very believable work.

Chapter One – Preparing the Ground

Chapter Two – Grass
Static grass fibres
Puffer Bottles
Electronic Applicators
Using an Electronic Applicator
Laying grass fibres on scatter
Applying grass fibres over ground cover
Hiding glued edges
Making longer grass
Creating tufts of grass in fields
Making seperate strips and tufts
Grass growing through cracks
Windswept grass
Using field grass fibres

Chapter Three – Weeds and Wild Flowers
Rosebay Willowherb
Using postiche
Overgrown track

Chapter Four – Hedges
Summer Hedge
Winter Hedge

Chapter Five – Roads and Pavements
Road Construction
Tarmac Surface
Country Lane
Unmade or unmettalled surfaces

Chapter Six – Wet Areas,Puddles & Rivers
Mud and Puddles
Movement in Water