60009 Union of South Africa

Michael Mather uncovers the stories of 60009 from the support crew     More Details

£15.99          Pre-order:  £14.81

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Journey: Cheltenham to Broadway

The history and the rebuilding of this former section of GWR from Broadway     More Details

£25.00          Pre-order:  £22.99

Gresley’s B17s

Peter Tuffrey in this illustrated book     More Details

£25.00          Pre-order:  £22.99

Hill Railways of the Indian Subcontinent

Richard Wallace explores severn branch lines across     More Details

£25.00          Pre-order:  £22.99

Remembering Steam

Paul Hurley illustrates the end of British Rail steam in photographs     More Details

£20.00         Pre-order:   £16.99

The Briggers: the Story of the Men Who Built the Forth Bridge

Using archive images, Elspeth Wills tells the story of the construction     More Details

£17.00          Pre-order: £15.99

The Severn Valley Railway Stock Book

Compiled by David Williams, founder member and Director of the SVR     More Details

£10.00          Pre-order:  £8.99