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Author:   Oliver Densham

Published:   2022
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   192
Condition:   New
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Railways of East Anglia A History by Oliver Densham. The railways of East Anglia have a long and complex history, and this book provides a broad overview of the subject. Beginning with the earliest horse tramroads of Essex and continuing up to the privatized railway of the present day, it includes the tribulations of the early pioneer companies and the ongoing narrative of consolidation and rationalization to which the railways were subjected. Some of the more curious byways of the region’s railway history are also covered.

With over 140 illustrations, including archive photographs and original drawings by the author, this book includes: the Norfolk and Suffolk Rail-Road Company’s fraudulent promotion of 1824; how the East Anglian railway network developed amongst bitter rivalries and uneasy truces, including the florid figure of George Hudson and the surprising history of two separate monorails in Essex. Potted narratives of some of the smaller branch lines and independent concerns are given along with information on the East Anglian railway companies and their roles in both World Wars. Finally, the sometimes-painful processes of nationalization is covered and their effect on the network as we know it today.