Author:   Steve Golton

Published:   2023, 2nd Edition
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   199
Condition:   New
Genre:   London North Eastern Railway (LNER)

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Selby’s Railways Explored: The Changing Scene 1834-2022 by Steve Golton.

The author invites the reader on a journey around the extensive railway infrastructure that has served Selby for almost two hundred years, examining the growth and contraction of its lines and rail traffic.

Drawing on his experience of working there for the Signal & Telecommunications department, Steve Golton examines the many changes to the track, the trains and their customers which once radiated from the town. All facets of railway life are looked at in detail and the book is threaded through with first-hand personal anecdotes and recollections.

With more than 260 photographs and twenty-seven maps, diagrams and drawings – 95% of which have never been published before – this illustrated narrative provides the most comprehensive exploration to date of the railways of Selby.


Track and Signalling
The Station
Signal Boxes
Bridges and Level Crossings
Passenger Services
Freight Services
Selby Motive Power Depot
Other Lines