Author:   James Hilton

Published:   2023
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   80
Genre:   Railway Modelling

Status:   In Stock


Small Layout Design Handbook by James Hilton. In this book James Hilton takes a fresh look at small layouts and how to design them.

Profusely illustrated with photographs, sketches and plans, the book takes us through completed projects, design considerations and sources of inspiration before presenting 24 practical layout ideas to either follow or provide inspiration for your own ideas.

Themes and prototypes considered are wide ranging, covering narrow gauge, industrial and some North American and International subjects too.

A thought provoking read, thinking as widely as Iain Rice and with ideas as novel and inspiring as those of the late and much missed Carl Arend. This book really does demonstrate that small in size does not mean small in ambition or enjoyment! This is a very minorly revised reprint of the original book.


Finding your Space
The Marriage of Space and Prototype
Small Layout Success
Layout as Part of your Home
Closing Thoughts