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Author:   Michael Whitehouse

Published:   2015
Edition:   Hardback
Pages:   248
Condition:   New

Genre:   Narrow Gauge, Light & Industrial

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This is a story of human endeavour and success from the 1950s, at a time when the country was recovering from war. A group of pioneer railway enthusiasts formed a ‘Big Society’ to take over a railway byway to become the world’s first preserved line.

This story is told by those who rescued the railway, using their own words, telling how they felt about their pioneering, what they did and how they transformed the TR from an almost forgotten and completely dilapidated anachronistic byway into a thriving community railway, burgeoning with success and with passenger journeys rising over ninety thousand by the railway’s centenary in 1965.

With over two hundred images, the book features Tom Rolt, Pat Whitehouse, Pat Garland, James Boyd, David Curwen and John Snell.


The Talyllyn Railway as Part of Our Lives
Discovering the Talyllyn Railway
150 Years of a Welsh Hill Railway
Saving and Running Our Own Railway
A Journey up the Line
Learning to Run Our Own Railway
Our Experiences and Celebrations
Men and Machines
What Next?