Author:   Leslie Price
Published:   2021
Format:   Hardback, 80 pages

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The Railways of Salop including the 5.30pm to Bridgnorth by Leslie Price. Historically, Salop has been the sobriquet for the county of Shropshire and the town of Shrewsbury. Salopian railways encompassed everything from main line urban sprawl to cross country and picturesque branch lines and in consequence also witnessed a variety of engines and trains. Adding to the variety the county also bordered the industrial Midlands on one side and rural Wales on the other, all adding to the charm of train travel in past years.

In this very personal and at times anecdotal account, Leslie Price, some of whose ancestors worked on those lines, takes us on a journey of nostalgia around the county as it was in the late 1950s and early to mid 60s. Includes 100 photographs.