Author:   Ken Hartley & Paul Ingham

Published:   2013
Edition:   Hardback
Pages:   128
Condition:   New
Genre:   Narrow Gauge, Light & Industrial

Status:   Available


The Sand Hutton Light Railway by Ken Hartley. This book is a greatly expanded third edition of Ken Hartley’s standard work on the subject, with extra material collected and compiled by Paul Ingham – who was bequeathed Ken’s original research material and collection on the railway.

The original 15 inch line built in the grounds of Sand Hutton Hall is covered in detail, as is the 1919 Light Railway Order, applied for when Sir Robert Walker wanted to expand the system to serve his estate. The accompanying plans to the LRO are reproduced here for the first time, including that for the unbuilt terminus at Scrayingham.

The subsequent conversion to 18 inch gauge is dealt with – as is the Deptford Special Reserve Depot, which was the source of the locomotives and goods wagons for the revised railway. The development of the 18inch locomotive design is covered, with maker’s original drawings, as are the 4-wheel wagons.

Descriptions of the Light Railway and the route are fully illustrated with newly prepared maps and plans, plus previously unpublished photographs. Modellers drawings of the locomotives, coach, wagons and brake van, all to a constant scale of 1:32 are also provided. Despite closing in 1932 the history is brought up to the present day with a chapter on relics and survivors. With twice as many (larger) pages than the 1982 second edition this new work is not to be missed.

All the images have been re-processed using modern digital techniques resulting in brighter and clearer reproductions. There are also appendices with much extra information on associated subjects.