Author:   Paul Lawton & Neil Robinson

Published:   2021
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   64
Genre:   Railways of Wales

Status:   In Stock


The Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway: Memories of a Lost Line by Paul Lawton and Neil Robinson. This railway line has long aroused much interest amongst railway enthusiasts. Its roots can be traced back to 1866, though it did not emerge as the S&MR until 1911. That it survived for the next half century was due to the efforts of Colonel Stephens. At the very best the line’s history can be described as ‘chequered’. Like so many, it is also a railway that is fast fading from living memory.

These memories of a long lost line are a record of one family’s connection with this railway that stretched over four decades.

They go back to the Colonel Stephens era of the 1920s through to documenting the line as it was in 1960 when it closed.

Includes more than one hundred colour and black & white photographs, plus illustrations.