Author:   J. Clark

Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   32
Genre:   London North Eastern Railway (LNER)

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Walsingham Railway Station edited by J. Clark. The railway station in Walsingham, Norfolk, opened on the 1st December 1857 to much enthusiasm from local residents, most of whom had never seen a railway. Wells and Walsingham declared the day a public holiday, with banners, a band and bonfire. Crowds gathered in their hundreds.

There were six daily passenger trains and two freight services. On Saturday there was a special cattle train.

This book, which is illustrated, explores the history of the line and Walsingham station.


Victorian Planning and Vision
Delays and Frustrations
Opening and Operation
Goods Transported
The Great Eastern Railway
The Great War
Second World War
Pilgrimage by Rail
Nationalisation and Dieselisation
Final Years
Post Beeching Era
Station Life
A Villager’s Memoir
The Engines
Friends of St. Seraphim’s