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Author:   Kevin Robertson, Andrew Malthouse & Jeremy Clements

Published:   2021
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   80
Genre:   Great Western Railway (GWR)

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Western Times Issue 1 Summer 2021. In this all-new regular periodical, editors Andrew Malthouse, Kevin Robertson and editorial assistant Jeremy Clements, have delved deep in the annals of the Great Western Railway and its successor British Railways Western Region to put together a high-quality selection of articles with something for every taste.

In this first issue are articles on the Locomotive, Traffic and Engineering divisions as per 1915, the first of a series of pictorial locomotive miscellanies; this one on the 4-4-0s, Swindon Works, Shepherding the Branch Line ‘Cornish Riviera’, The Newton Abbot Breakdown Train, A Few Closed Lines, Passenger Divisions and Suburban Sets, Modern Traction, Some Early Incidents and Accidents, John Armstrong, GWR Barrows, Reading Signal Works, an Initial Perspective, The Station Diagram books, Modernizing the Western Part1: Laira, etc etc.

Eighty pages of pure and unashamed nostalgia where history is explained, illustrated and at times questioned. Illustrations are in both colour and black and white and in the main unseen, the whole printed on quality art paper, 273mm x 215mm with in excess of 90 illustrations. Western Times will fill a gap on the shelves of those with an interest in the ‘Western’ whether that be in the past or in more recent times. It is sure to be sought after so make sure you secure your copy today at just £12.50. Publications every six months which fills the gap left behind from the Great Western Journal.