Author:   Mike Keller

Published:   2015
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   28
Genre:   Southern Railway (SR)

Status:   Available to order


Branch Line to Birling Gap: The Ill-fated Railway Routes to East Dean and Birling Gap by Mike Keller. This title recounts the three failed attempts to bring a railway into the local area.

In 1885, James Langham felt a railway line could be built linking Holywell, Birling, Cuckmere and Seaford. This was to become the Eastbourne, Seaford and Newhaven Railway. Owing to various setbacks, the proposed line was eventually killed off in 1892.

Five years later the Cuckmere Valley Light Railway proposal was born, however due to objections from landowners and other issues the scheme was abandoned following a public inquiry.

The Polegate, Jevington and Birling Railway became the third scheme, but sadly the outcome was the same as the previous two.

This booklet describes these ill-fated routes. Illustrated.