Author:  Iain Rice
Published:  2016
Format:  Paperback, 120 pages

Status:  In Stock



Creating Cameo Layouts by Iain Rice sets out to combine the modelling challenges with those of infrastructure and presentation to create a highly realistic, visually satisfying and self-contained model railway.

This style of well crafted small model layouts is described by the author as ‘cameo’. Such a layout does not require a dedicated site, is easy to move and store, does not look out of place in the home and is a breeze to take to exhibitions. It is a natural for finescale wheel and track standards and high levels of detail, can be entertaining to operate and easy to maintain, calls only for a modest roster of equipment and can be made to run to a very high standard.

So this is a book for the modeller who relishes the opportunities and challenges offered by the small, self-contained layout as an objective in its own right, rather than a mere substitute for something larger.

The book contains many colour and black and white photographs, sketches and layout plans to accompany the extensive text. Iain Rice not only features his own superb cameo models but also utilises the work of other acclaimed modellers, such as Chris Nevard and Jerry Clifford, to illustrate what can be achieved, not only in 4mm scale but in other scales such as 2mm fine scale.


Evolution of the Cameo Layout
Dawn of the Cameo
Designing Cameo Layouts
Integrated Structures
Presentation and Lighting