Author:   J. Dexter, C. Handley & R. Halse

Published:   2001
Format:   Paperback
Pages:   22
Condition:   New
Genre:   Canals & Waterways

Status:   In Stock


The Radstock Branch of the Somersetshire Coal Canal edited by Julie Dexter. Canal history has inspired many people over the years, be it artists, poets and historians. The Somersetshire Coal Canal is no exception and there has been much research and writing on the subject in recent years. However, this has tended to concentrate on the northern branch of the canal.

In this publication, Chris Handley and Roger Halse redress the balance by looking at the less successful Radstock branch.

Chris looks at its origins and development as a tramway through to its demise with the arrival of the railways, while Roger concentrates on the significance of the route for transporting coal.