Author:   Roy Link

Published:   2020
Edition:   Paperback, 96 pages
Genre:   Modelling

Status:   Sold Out


The Crowsnest Chronicles by Roy Link. The author has spent many years devoted to researching and modelling the little known Shropshire lead mining railway known as the Crowsnest Tramway. From its early beginnings as a plateway, through the coming of steam, closure, reopening and on to final oblivion this railway has weaved its spell. In truth, it is a fiction, though many connections with actuality exist, which may be why it all remains so fascinating.

Most of the book describes in detail, how the modelling of the Crowsnest Tramway has evolved over the years in several scales, culminating in the 16mm scale diorama which is still under development. A full history of the mining operations and the railway, with references is provided, plus a brief history of the origins of 16mm scale modelling in the UK.

In summary a fascinating look into a lifetime project of one of the world’s best narrow gauge modellers – full of inspiration, techniques and modelling insights.