Author:   Gordon Routledge
Published:   2016
Format:   Paperback, 191 pages

Status:   Available



The Gretna Railway Disaster 100 Years Ago by Gordon Routledge. One hundred years have come and gone since the terrible Gretna railway disaster claimed the lives of half a regiment of brave young Scottish soldiers. They were travelling South to Liverpool to meet their ship which would have taken them to the war at Gallipoli.

Their departure was delayed and on that Whitsuntide Holiday weekend fate intervened and they were cruelly cut down beforeven leaving their beloved Scotland. Worse still that it should happen in the quiet countryside near Gretna Green, the last place on Earth where one could associate with such a tragedy. But there were other casualties from both the express and the local train and all these years later there are still mysteries surrounding the tragedy and many questions remain unanswered.