Author:   Ted Hancock
Published:   2019
Format:   Hardback, 300 pages

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Volume One of The Hope Valley Line by Ted Hancock covers the dawn of the railway age to the end of the grouping in 1947. Ted Hancock describes the canals and all the projected lines that were never built; how the connecting lines reached Dore & Totley and Chinley, the epic story of the building of the line and the contribution of the navvies and finally the period from the opening of the line to 1947. Fully illustrated.

Chapter One – Sheffield to Manchester

The Tortuous History
The Pre-Railway Age
Railways across the Peak District
Lines within the Peak District
Lines that Directly Rivalled the Dore and Chinley Railway

Chapter Two – Dore and Chinley

How the Railway reached Dore and Totley
How the Railway reached Chinley

Chapter Three – Dore and Chinley Railway

The Progenitors
The Dore & Chinley Railway Company
The Midland Railway Takes Over
Preparations for Starting the Building
Chronology of the Building
Additional Information
Locomotives Built for the Opening
The Opening of the Line
Contemporary Reports

Chapter Four – from 1894 to 1947

Chronology of Events 1894 to 1947
Guides to the New Railway
From Opening to the First World War
The First World War
Post-War to Grouping
The Grouping Period
The Second World War
Post War to Nationalisation

Chapter Five – operations

Introduction to the Timetables
Passenger Operations
Freight Operations
Locomotive and Traffic Summaries
Motive Power