Author:   Paul Baker

Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   43
Condition:   New
Genre:   Great Western Railway (GWR)

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The Lost Railway: The Story of the Branch Line from Henley in Arden to Lapworth by Paul Baker.

This book describes the efforts of the town’s leading inhabitants to bring the line into existence, the involvement of one of the greatest railway contractors of the Victorian era and a standoff between the Birmingham and Henley in Arden Railway Company and the GWR who finally took it over in 1900.

Also provides an account of Thomas Perkins who set out to travel on every railway line, a task he completed in 1932.


Railway Mania and Proposed Line to Henley
We want a Railway
The Railway Builder
Money Problems Mount
Financial Panic in the City
Let’s Have Another Go
We Have a Railway at Last
The End of the Line
Thomas Richard Perkins