Author:   Noel Leaver & 2mm Scale Association

Published:   2019
Edition:   Paperback
Pages:   48
Condition:   New
Genre:   Railway Modelling

Status:   In Stock


Train Lamps and Headcodes: Prototype Notes and Guidance for Modellers has been jointly produced by Noel Leaver and The 2mm Scale Association.

Featuring more than over 40 photographs the book covers the use of headcodes, tail lamps, side lamps, and the display of numbers and codes on trains from the 19th century until the current day.

Modelling lamps covers both non-working and working lamps, and while the examples are for 2mm scale, the techniques can be applied in many other scales.

This book is a concise guide for all serious modellers.


The Prototype
  Oil Lamps: design, electric, battery tail lights, lamp body colour
  Train Classes: early headcodes, standardisation, royal, shunting
  Route Codes: southern, cross-London, outside London
  Duty Numbers
  BR Standard 4-Character Headcodes
  Slip Coaches
Modelling Lamps
  Non-Working Lamps
  Working Lights: power, brightness, mounting, sidelights, headcodes